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Ilustração do desenvolvimento dos ossos da mão
sistema porta hipotálamo-hipófise

Link para o original dos percentis em Portugal (fonte: DGS)
Links para os padrões da OMS: 0-5 anos e 5-19 anos

Auxology — An Update. Ver também, do mesmo autor, Absolute or relative measures of height and weight?

Development of a birthweight standard

Dois estudos em Portugal sobre a influência do estatuto socioeconómico no crescimento pós-natal

Stature signals status: The association of stature, status and perceived dominance — a thought experiment

A novel approach to the analysis of human growth

Comparative ontogeny of postnatal growth and development of the skull in humans and chimpanzees

The human pattern of growth and development in paleontological perspective

Efficient statistical modelling of longitudinal data

Smoothing Reference Centile Curves: The LMS Method and Penalized Likelihood. Ver também Demystifying LMS and BCPE Methods of Centile Estimation for Growth and Other Health Parameters

SITAR: ajustamento de curvas de crescimento para permitir comparações

Physiology of Growth Hormone Secretion

Endocrine Regulation of Human Fetal Growth: The Role of the Mother, Placenta, and Fetus

Eixo hipotálamo-hipófise

Functional Anatomy of the Hypothalamus and Pituitary (capítulo do Endotext)

Development, Function, and Pathology of the Placenta

Sex Hormones and Sexual Differentiation

Metabolism disrupting chemicals and metabolic disorders

Bisphenol-A and the Great Divide: A Review of Controversies in the Field of Endocrine Disruption

Why do many psychiatric disorders emerge during adolescence?

The Role of Liver-Derived Insulin-Like Growth Factor-I

Ghrelin acylation and metabolic control

Comprehensive alpha, beta and delta cell transcriptomes reveal that ghrelin selectively activates delta cells and promotes somatostatin release from pancreatic islets

Mutation Targeted to Thyroid Hormone Receptor α1 or β

Contribuição de variantes frequentes e raras para os extremos de estatura

A novel common variant in DCST2 is associated with length in early life and height in adulthood

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Apresentação de 2021, 2ª parte